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May 17, 2012


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Dr. Murray, just letting you know that the AMA has now taken up the cause of investigating other options to the ICD-9 replacement, ICD-11 chief among those. I wrote about it right here and quoted from your May 17 post. http://www.govhealthit.com/news/ama-adds-new-wrinkle-icd-10-delay-icd-11
Tom Sullivan
Editor, Government Health IT

Tom, thanks for the fair and accurate use of quotes from my blog. Your prediction that ICD-10 will ultimately be implemented with strong support from AHIMA and ICD-10 profiteers is a solid one. I remain hopeful that CMS will engage in a national dialogue based on more comprehensive cost-benefit analyses to enable a better-informed decision on the optimal pathway to ICD-11. The AMA announcement, if nothing else, gives more credence to the need for such analyses!

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