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WEAR a MASK and Don't Pee on Me!

When one is exposed to coronavirus floating around in the air while wearing a mask, naturally there will be fewer germs that get through the mask to one's nose and mouth than if one is not wearing one.   This is critically important, because emerging data suggests that being inoculated by a fewer number of germs at the onset of infection results in milder disease and more asymptomatic disease.  This is good news.  It may turn out that wearing masks to decrease the initial inoculum of germs is a more effective way to manage this pandemic than by locking down society.  

But this works only if we can effectively change people's attitude and behavior to always wear masks in public, and to NOT bow down to uninformed political statements or "patriotic" feelings about personal freedom.  Otherwise we end up risking more government-enforced shutdowns.

Stop at red lights,

don't take a loaded gun on a plane,

don't pee on someone sleeping on a public park bench

and WEAR a MASK!!!   

It's just what American citizens have to do during this pandemic.  It is not within your right to put my life at risk by running a red light, shooting a gun on a plane or infecting me with coronavirus.   And don't pee on me either.  That's gross.  You have NO right to threaten me or wetten me like that!