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November 2020

Because of the pandemic, because of the election, I pray

The 2020 presidential election was held only three days ago.    Since then:

  • The number of daily new cases of COVID-19 in the United States has been exponentially increasing, now nearing 120,000 new cases each day
    • because of the pandemic 
  • The number of people dying each day from COVID-19 is increasing 
    • because of the pandemic 
  • The presidential race remains extremely close
  •  An unprecedented number of people mailed their ballots rather than risking exposure to COVID-19 by going to a polling place
    • because of the pandemic 
  • So most of the votes currently being counted are the mailed ballots
    • because of the pandemic
  •  Local elections officials have a shortage of poll workers
    • because of the pandemic 
  • So it is taking a really long time to tally the votes  
    • because of the pandemic 
  • And election results in 5 closely contested states remain too close to call
    • because of the pandemic 
  • After Trump began fanning conspiracy theories about voter fraud this past summer by denouncing mailed-in ballots and asking his followers to vote in person, he is now proclaiming victory and declaring voter fraud with no evidence of broad-based or systemic fraud
  • After Biden encouraged voters to vote early or mail ballots to reduce risk of exposure to COVID-19, he is now winning the majority of mailed-in votes still being counted and is gaining on Trump in all the contested states
  • Biden has asked Americans to be patient while legally casted votes get counted
  • In the past 12 hours Biden took the lead in 4 of the 5 closely contested states after the lead apparently flipped in 2 of them 
  •  Americans in general, and the news media in particular, have understandably been mesmerized by the presidential election and lost focus on COVID-19 even as new cases are reaching critical levels 

So this is what today, November 6th, 2020, is like:

  • A chaotic election, the result of which will have a profound impact on how America addresses the pandemic
  • A pandemic with exponentially rising rates of new daily infections which will have a profound negative impact on the economy for decades to come

How well we respond to the pandemic has direct correlation to how negatively the economy is affected.  For decades.  


I pray for America and our elected leaders.