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December 2020

Getting the COVID-19 shot is A-OK!

Getting your Covid-19 vaccine shot is “A-OK”—an Act Of Kindness.  And it is a broad, intentional act of kindness rather than a  narrow, random  one! 

I am an ER physician.  Here I am today being kind to my wife, my 96 year-old mother and anyone else who would be vulnerable to COVID-19 if I unintentionally infected them:

Covid shot #1 121920

I  hope others share my feelings of excitement and confidence in the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness.  My own confidence stems from “insider” information from my son's fiancé, a biostatistician working on COVID-19 research studies, and my own observations as  I followed vaccine research progress this year.  I saw no shortcuts taken--just brilliant  scientific research within an environment of reduced bureaucratic red tape-- and a little bit of educated luck sprinkled in.  A truly astounding achievement!.

#A-OK  #WeAreCookChildrens